Russian Federation posts videogame image as 'irrefutable proof' United States helps IS

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"The Russian Ministry of Defense is investigating its civilian employee who mistakenly attached photos to a statement on the US-led coalition's interaction with the Islamic State militants in the area of Abu-Kamal", the military said in a statement.

The Russian Defense Ministry said they were ISIS trucks fleeing the city of Abu Kamal in Syria on November 9, which the United States refused to bomb.

The game in question is none other than AC-130 Gunship Simulator for Android and iOS.

In a Facebook post, the ministry said it liberated the town of Abu Kamal last week alongside the Syrian army.

Another one is consistent with a slightly edited screengrab from a 2015 promotional video for a gunship simulator video game.

Conflict Intelligence Team, a group of Russian online investigators who factcheck claims by the Russian military, said that the other four of the five photographs appear to be taken from 2016 footage released by Iraq's ministry of defence, depicting the Iraqi air force bombing Isis targets near Falluja.

The original game footage, which was cropped in the ministry's post, included a red "FIRE" button in the bottom-right corner as well as a disclaimer in the top-right corner that read: "Development footage".

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AFP was able to compare the images in the emailed defence ministry statement with the images of the videogame on YouTube and confirm the resemblance.

Hours later, the ministry published an updated statement with a different set of images, which it also said proved their claims.

"The US are actually covering the [fleeing] ISIS combat units to recover their combat capabilities, redeploy, and use them to promote the American interests in the Middle East", the Ministry added.

The ministry also said that the US coalition categorically refused to strike the retreating terrorists in spite of repeated proposals by the Russian military to conduct joint actions.

Coalition spokesman Col. Ryan Dillon called those claims, "about as accurate as their air campaign".

"I certainly can't verify, but I've seen the report that one of the pictures came from a video game".