Rainbow Six Siege teases a cooperative zombie mode for Year 3

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Rainbow Six: Siege is a competitive shooter centered around completing objectives in smaller, highly destructible environments, so perhaps it could be a mode in which four players try to protect a building from a horde of zombies, mutants or anything else that would be fun to shoot. The full event reveal will take place at the Six Invitational 2018 in Montreal.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 kicks off with Operation Chimera, which takes a different approach by "exploring a new fantasy": quarantine and biohazard.

Appropriately, both of the new operators will be "biohazard specialists", although it's a good bet that they're the sort of experts in the field who carry guns instead of clipboards and advanced degrees from Johns Hopkins (although I suppose it's possible they have those too).

After that, it will be gone. A new map will also be added in this season, but not in the way that you might expect.

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Ubisoft had previously said it was hard to release new game modes that changed the core five-versus-five tactical gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege. Season One, called Operation Chimera, will add a pair of new operators to the action, one from France and one from Russian Federation, but instead of a new map it will feature the launch of the game's first-ever co-op event, Outbreak, a three-player "new fantasy" about quarantine and biohazard.

Earlier this year brand director Alexandre Remy said: "We're constantly looking and prototyping".

"Siege is its own game mode".

Operation White Noise brings the usual one map and two operators to Rainbow Six Siege - along with a bonus third operator from Poland (as per the revised Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 Operation Health roadmap). From an extremely, erm, unpolished launch product to what it is now, the team at Ubisoft have worked tirelessly to get it to the levels it needs to be at to maintain a solid playerbase with constant updates and events.