More than 70 Connecticut Foster Kids Adopted by New Families

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Eighteen families adopted 31 children at the Lubbock County Courthouse Friday on National Adoption Day. Michigan's 15th annual Adoption Day is set for next Tuesday, November 21st with events across the state.

The Tatlock's and 10 other families were able to expand their families and legally adopt their children.

"I felt like it was my duty I needed to give him a voice since no one else could", Hernandez said.

Kids in sport coats and suspenders scurried around a crowded foyer decorated with balloons, while local government and non-profit agencies manned tables advertising resources to new adoptive families as music played over a loudspeaker.

Around 200 children in Snohomish County are legally separated from their biological parents and waiting to be adopted.

48 children were adopted in Ramsey County on National Adoption Day
Hide Caption Show Caption 48 children were adopted in Ramsey County on National Adoption Day

"We watch these children come in abused, neglected and abandoned and now we watch them leave in a safe loving nurturing home", said the Honorable Cindy Lederman from the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court Judge in Juvenile Division. The children live with their new families for at least six months before the adoption is finalized.

The Cohn's added number 6 to their family, and they say a full house has always been in the cards. "Some of them might not be biologically related, but they're linked in their hearts and minds".

Almost two-thousand children are in and out of foster care in Kern County and the first adoption of the day was a family of a family of ten.

"The kids are getting a fresh start", Ulysses Zuniga said. "It's just incredible because it takes so long and to just come to this handsome moment with my family it's absolutely wonderful", said Burkett.

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