Microsoft Office Arrives For All Google Play Store-Enabled Chromebooks

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Before now, users have been relegated to Google Docs and other Google apps - as well as a handful of Android apps and/or Chrome apps for all their document needs. You see, support trickled out initially to a limited selection of devices meaning the experience from one Chromebook to the next isn't necessarily the same.

While most people are probably buying Chromebooks to use Google's suite of online services, having a fully-offline capable copy of Office is a handy thing to have in the tool chest. The only device that seems to consistently have access to working Office apps was Google's own Pixelbook. Most others, however, have either never seen the apps on offer or have had a sporadic, inconsistent experience.

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The app is now available from the Google Play Store, according to Chrome Unboxed. and is free to any device with a screen size less than 10.1 inches, such as the Chromebook Flip from Asus. It was Chrome Unboxed to first spot the arrival of office through Google Play on Chromebooks.

This is the first time Office has been available to Chromebook users through Google Play as a general release, though a report today from ZDNet notes that some users of Chromebooks had been able to get Microsoft Office from the beta version of the Play Store in the past. All devices can now download Microsoft Office in the Google Play Store, confirming that support for the software is now available on Chromebooks. The publication checked common Chromebooks such as the Samsung Chromebook Pro, Pixelbook, two different models of Acer Chromebook 15, and the Acer C771. However, Microsoft had still not publicly given an updated time line for bringing its office Android apps to Chromebooks. Enter your email to be subscribed to our newsletter.