Jennifer Lawrence Opens Up About Moving Forward From Her Films

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After working on nearly three movies a year for the past seven years, a break from the spotlight is well-deserved for the Academy Award-nominated actress. "I want to get a farm".

Recently Jennifer Lawrence lives in a fairly dense graph. "And I want to start up a dairy goat" - shared the actress. Since rising to fame practically overnight, she's become one of the most highly-paid, recognizable actors working today, which makes it all the more surprising that, when asked what's next, her answer had nothing to do with movies.

Her desire to stop and smell the roses should come as no surprise.

"I'd pictured myself being in indies, living a pretty normal life", she said.

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"I think I'm just taking a little break", she added before saying, "I'll see you in six months".

Yet Lawrence has already contradicted that sentiment this year.

During a recent interview with Elle, which appeared in their November 2017 issue, Lawrence opened up about her so-called "flop" film, Passengers, which raked in $303 million, but was low for Lawrence's other film standards. In addition to watching large amounts of reality TV and talking about farting a lot, there's another way J.Law is just like you and me: She wants to run away and live on a farm with a bunch of goats. Next spring she will star as a Russian ballerina spy in Red Sparrow.