Industrial strategy sets sights on 'world-leading' smart energy systems

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"We welcome the strategy's plan to champion apprenticeships, and in particular the announcement of new funding of £60m to support apprenticeship take-up by young people and poorer families from disadvantaged areas", she said. "Strengthening markets for secondary materials and encouraging design for recyclability are imperative if we are to move to a circular economy, and we welcome the government's commitment to this".

Putting the United Kingdom "at the forefront of the artificial intelligence (AI) and data revolution" has been announced as a key plank of the government's Industrial Strategy which was launched today. "The economic and low carbon benefits of secondary resources derived from waste could be better realised and exploited in local economic development planning".

Trade minister Greg Clark said the Government's plans "will ensure Britain continues to be at the forefront of innovation and represents a huge vote of confidence in our Industrial Strategy". "Only then, will we create an innovative culture effective for driving the United Kingdom forward in this global and competitive market".

John added: "However, our members need to be free to use Levy payments to train apprentices in firms up or down the supply chain if we are to properly train the next generation of builders' merchants, housebuilders and construction workers".

He said: "Renewables are set to become the backbone of our modern energy system and the plummeting cost of wind power means onshore and offshore wind can help improve the competitiveness of United Kingdom industry".

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Regarding sustainable financing, the new Industrial Strategy provisions the establishment of a new Green Finance Taskforce, which along with the British Standards Institution and the City of London's Green Finance Initiative will work towards developing the world's first green financial management standards.

Through the Construction Leadership Council, the government and the construction sector has agreed a sector deal to transform its productivity. The green paper was announced to much fanfare earlier this year, however our recent Future Attitudes study, which surveyed over a thousand senior SME decision makers across the United Kingdom, revealed an astonishing lack of awareness about the Strategy, with fewer than three in ten (29 per cent) small and medium-sized enterprises claiming to have heard about it...

This could mean an extra £80bn investment in advanced technology, according to government estimates. AD is clearly one such technology, so we look forward to further details on this support. The CPA strongly encourages government to ensure manufacturers and distributors are invited to make a more significant contribution to the CLC, and that ultimately what has been announced is not harmed by the Brexit transition period and the UK's post-Referendum deal once it has been finalised. "Buried in the white paper is the Bank of England's damning assessment that management skills account for a quarter of the productivity gap between the United Kingdom and U.S.".

Reaction, including from the RTPI, to the Industrial Strategy white paper can be found here on The Planner.