Google Wants to Help You Avoid Long Restaurant Lines

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Once it rolls out in their area, Googlers will be able to see not just average hourly crowd sizes under a restaurant's listing, but also a guess for how long it'll take to get a seat.

According to the Huffington Post, Google hopes to have the wait times ready for most grocery stores by Thanksgiving, so you can plan your turkey purchasing accordingly.

Google announced today an enhancement to the information they provide on restaurants that will be available in results from Google Search and Google Maps. To calculate wait times, Google analyzes patterns of customer visits over the last several weeks.

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The search giant debuted a new tool on Tuesday that lets people see the wait times at nearby restaurants. This isn't for restaurants requiring reservations, but the walk-in restaurants. In addition, Google will tell you how long people typically spend at the restaurant.

Users can tap on any of the hour bars to see an estimated wait for that period, and scrolling left and right will show a summary of that day's total waiting times. For example, back in summer 2015, it began to show mobile web users which days of the week and time of day were the busiest for local businesses using charts that appear in the business listing.