Gillibrand: Bill Clinton should have resigned over Lewinsky affair

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A former adviser to Hillary Clinton blasted Sen. "The House of Representatives voted for articles of impeachment, (but) the Senate did not".

"Yes, I think that is the appropriate response", Ms. Gillibrand, New York Democrat, told The New York Times when asked if Mr. Clinton should've stepped down after his relationship with Monica Lewinsky, then in her early 20s, was revealed.

"Didn't this start long before even Bill Clinton, but I will say with Bill Clinton in many ways, who, can I say, sexually harassed an intern in the White House?"

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (2nd R) (D-NY), Rep. Jackie Speier (2nd L) (D-CA), Rep. Bruce Poliquin (L) (D-ME), and Rep. Ann McLane Kuster (R) (D-NH) speak at a press conference on sexual harassment in Congress on November 15, 2017 in Washington, DC.

Philippe Reines, a former top aide to Hillary Clinton, called Gillibrand a hypocrite for speaking out after accepting support from the Clintons for years. Over 20 yrs you took the Clintons' endorsements, money, and seat.

"In my adult life, politically, no one has inspired me to get off the sidelines and truly make a difference more than Hillary Clinton has", Ms. Gillibrand said previous year in an essay on why she was supporting Mrs. Clinton.

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Gillibrand was appointed to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate after she was named Secretary of State under the Obama administration.

She added, "I think in light of this conversation, we should have a very different conversation about President Trump and a very different conversation about allegations against him than what has been had to date".

"Interesting strategy for 2020 primaries", his tweet continued. She also introduced the "Me Too Congress Act" on Thursday to address yearslong and rampant sexual misconduct on Capitol Hill.

Brzezinski said there were cases where the "predator" was brought down, such as Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, and others that weren't, like Clinton. And so, we're at a moment now, where we believe women who come forward, and we try to hold men accountable, or at least attempt to.

Maxwell answered, "I think she's in the right".

Gillibrand's comments came hours after the Democratic Party was rocked by allegations that Minnesota Democratic Sen. "That is very different from what people seem to be remembering from that period because you can go back and look at the history". Al Franken, D-Minn., to face a Senate ethics investigation into his 2006 conduct with a Los Angeles radio host during a USO tour.