What the Tech? Amazon home delivery

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The new service along with the indoor security camera Amazon Cloud Cam will allow customers to unlock the house remotely.

So if you're watching the delivery person walk up to your door and you suddenly have second thoughts about letting a stranger into your home, you can revert the delivery back to traditional drop-off outside of your door at any time. The service can also be used to allow out-of-town guests into the house. "If you have a pet, we require you to safely block off your pet from the delivery area in your home on the day of delivery".

Available only to Prime members, the system involves a smart lock and a camera inside the home.

If you're anxious about trusting the delivery driver, all you have to do is turn to your phone. And like Walmart, Amazon has also safeguarded a customer's delivery. It similarly enables online grocery orders to be delivered inside your home and perishables inside your refrigerator.

Mr. Larsen said theft was "not something that happens in practice", based on early tests of the Amazon Key program. When the delivery driver shows up, they'll use a scanner to unlock your front door and leave your items inside before re-locking the door and taking off. "These individuals are thoroughly vetted, with comprehensive background checks and motor vehicle records reviews".

With the Amazon Key app, customers will be able to track the deliveries in real-time, and even watch live as the delivery occurs via the Amazon Cloud Cam.

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It will be interesting to see just how accepted Amazon Key becomes, and how many customers it will ultimately have.

The delivery person never actually touches the door or lock, but instead communicates with the Cloud via the Amazon Key app. You do not need to provide any additional information for the driver, such as keypad codes or remote unlock.

In addition, similar to other smart lock offerings, the service offers keyless access for family and friends. When you put it that way, agreed, it's a little creepy. And the alternative, in many cases, is risking the possibility of someone stealing a package from your doorstep.

Now that Amazon has answered those questions, it isn't too scary.

Now here's a story about Amazon's idea for easing such worries.