Taika Waititi would never do Star Wars movie

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While Marvel has certainly shown a wider propensity for genres in their Cinematic Universe, there is a certain formula to their movies which is something that is actually less apparent in non-George Lucas Star wars films despite its genre and style being more consistent. Occasionally, however, an auteur will come aboard the MCU and help make something truly unique-often with the help of the cast. Would he be willing to tell a story in a Galaxy Far, Far Away?

"And improvisation has been a tool in every Marvel movie since Robert Downey Jr. riffed his way through Iron Man".

Taikia Waititi is definitely a good fit for Marvel, and that is in no small part due to the freedom that the director was given with Thor: Ragnarok.

Thor: Ragnarok is set for release on November 3. Clearly, the director has done something right with the Thor franchise, and seems to understand the sci-fi genre quite well. He further commented: "They want new voices and different ways of telling stories.All the work to do with actors, all the rescripting stuff in the moment - that's what I want to do, really". The addition of Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster was genius too, he's great in the film.

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Chris Hemsworth has revealed that he almost turned down the chance to play Thor in the Marvel film franchise. He pitched Valkyrie as sort of the Han Solo over the movie and so I sort of knew the space that she wanted to occupy, and we wanted to subvert any sort of cliches in our portrayal of her.

He wrote: "Lolz. I like to complete my films".

But after the hard truths have been dropped, Thor suggests they pull the classic "Get Help" ruse.

"When we shot the first film, I was aware of what it was but had no idea if anyone was going to turn up and see it", Hemsworth said, "let alone then do The Avengers or then do a second Thor or a third Thor or a third, fourth, and fifth Avengers".