Star Wars: The Last Jedi tickets go on sale early

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- Lucasfilm has announced that the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer will debut Monday night during the National Football League game on ESPN.

IMAX and 70mm tickets go on sale Monday as well, complete with a few special offers surrounding the screenings, according to IMAX's website.

That man is the film's director, Rian Johnson.

If you're not afraid of a few spoilers then be sure to come back to CinemaBlend tonight as we'll have analysis of the new trailer as soon as it drops. On opening night fans will find a full Star Wars Marathon at select theaters and a double feature of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.

With halftime of the Bears vs. Vikings Monday Night Football game destined for 11:00 pm EST, tickets are due to be available immediately proceeding The Last Jedi trailer release, with ticket releases varying from theatre to theatre. The film is still largely shrouded in secrecy, but Monday we may get some new clues, because a new trailer is officially dropping. The company waited for the spin-off movie to build the hype and put the tickets on sale three weeks before the film's release date. Installations like the one at London's Star Wars Celebration in 2016 have sometimes showcased a number of never-before-seen costumes and props, but this display primarily focuses on items that eagle-eyed audiences may have already gotten brief glimpses of.

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That means a U.S. release on 9th October, expected to coincide with the NFL's Monday Night Football broadcast.

The teaser trailer for the film was released in April. We were treated to a behind-the-scenes featurette that gave us some great insight, but the real deal is finally launching tonight, which means that we're that much closer to seeing the final product.

"Aunt Beru is there for him until she's not", the YA novelist explained, deciding to name Luke's aunt as her second-favorite character after Leia.

"The Last Jedi" hits theaters on December 15.