Play original Xbox Classic games on your Xbox One

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Headlining next month's free games is Tales from the Borderlands, a comedy-adventure title for the Xbox One that spans across all five episodes.

The Xbox One X is Microsoft's super-powered follow-up to the current One S console.

Mutant Storm Reloaded is another Arcade title made available via Backwards Compatibility, and can also be installed via the original disc.

There are a couple of decent Xbox 360 titles to have a dabble with, too, beginning with the Sega Saturn classic, NiGHTS into Dreams, which you can download from the beginning of November until midway through on November 15. You could see this option under Ready to Install option.

Packed inside the box you'll also find an HDMI cable, optical out lead, controller with batteries and some other essential bits - including some free trials of Microsoft's online services.

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The half-and-half like/dislike ratio was followed by a collection of comments with gamers most readily not being happy about older scraggly games being tossed out like maggot-infected scraps to starving dogs in a dirty pen under a bridge.

We unbox Microsoft's mighty new Xbox One X console, boasting 4K HDR gaming and some powerful PC-like specs, to show off that sleek design work and reveal what's inside the box.

Both Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners are in for a free download of "Nights into Dreams" starting November 1 to November 15.

Unfortunately, it only contains a 1TB hard drive, which is half of the maximum storage that was available in the Xbox One S. Microsoft won't confirm plans to release a model with more storage, but for now, you can use an external hard drive. For any further need, you can take notes. Review versions of the Xbox One X come with a book detailing its power over the competition.