Peter Parker and Miles Morales come together in new Spider-Man trailer

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The brief two minute trailer covers some of the story points we've seen in the past, along with some moments with Peter Parker.

The appeal of a Spider-Man game is letting you play as Spidey, not pressing X to see a neat cut scene.

At the last E3, footage for Insomniac Games' upcoming Spider-Man game was chock full of action, concluding with the tease of a Miles Morales appearance when it finally arrives. The trailer essentially gives an overview of what we've seen, with a couple new parts. Because this will be shocking.

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It's a pretty exciting trailer, though the voice for Spider-Man seems to have changed from the E3 trailer but it's hard to say. As for the villain in this one, we get Mister Negative, aka Martin Li.

I'm sure more reveals are on the way, so stay tuned and make sure you check out the PS4 release in 2018 Webheads! "Oh, yes. Absolutely", Ong said, "And we can't wait to tell the world about it". We see Wilson "The Kingpin" Fisk being loaded into a paddy wagon while Norman Osborn-the mayor in this game-runs for reelection.

The new Spider-Man game was developed for PlayStation (hey, it's Sony, what do you expect?) and while there's no release date given, you can pre-order the game right here right now.