Hamas, Fatah Ink Deal on Palestinian Reconciliation

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Following a decade of bitter animosity, the newly-minted deal calls for the PA to assume full governance over Gaza by December 1, along with control over the border crossings with Israel and Egypt.

"Our house is one".

Members of Palestinian forces loyal to Hamas take part in a military parade in Gaza City on July 26, 2017 amid a tense standoff between Israel and Muslim worshipers at Jerusalem's Temple Mount.

Asked why Hamas had chose to dissolve the administrative committee of Gaza, which opened the door for a broader dialogue, he said: "Israel used the internal Palestinian division to destroy and end our national Palestinian cause".

According to the newspaper, Hamas sources confirmed that the deal includes an "implicit understanding" to end confrontation in both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. "Our future is one", senior Hamas leader Saleh al-Arouri said in televised remarks Thursday after two days of marathon talks mediated by Egypt. But instead, the worldwide community should have tried to "pull Hamas into a dialogue", Blair said in an interview for Donald Macintyre's "Gaza: Preparing for Dawn", which is set to be released in November. "We must make this clear, because there will be new worldwide pressure on Israel to renew negotiations with the PA following the agreement".

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"Hamas may be willing to cede more administrative control of Gaza", he said, "but the parties have so far avoided the issues likeliest to derail the talks: namely, the relationship with Israel and what to do with Hamas's military wing", he was quoted by the New York Times as saying.

"Israel insists that the PA not allow any base whatsoever for Hamas terrorist actions from PA areas in Yehudah or Shomron or from Gaza, if the PA indeed takes responsibility for its territory". Hamas and Israel fought three wars over the past decade.

"The Palestinians today made a decision to form a terror government", he said in a statement. It is unclear whether that unresolved issue will delay Abbas' government's return to Gaza.

Hamas has repeatedly refused to disarm and dismantle the 25,000-strong fighting force it controls in the Gaza Strip.

But the move was seen as mainly symbolic, with Hamas still effectively in charge in the Palestinian enclave of two million people bordered by Egypt, Israel and the Mediterranean Sea.