George Clooney reveals Amal was sexually harassed

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"But I will say that somebody knew and if there was a reporter that sat on a story for years and didn't write it, I want to know why because I would have liked to know to these stories". But I'm not, you know, that's not my business really. And she said. she could find, you know, in her line of work, which is human rights law. there have been plenty of instances where some guy has tried, you know, to make their move,"George Clooney stated. There's lawyers in NY right now working on eradicating non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in the case of sexual harassment and I think that's absolutely the right way to go".

Over the past few weeks, many celebrities have said that they were aware that Harvey Weinstein was a bit hard to work with and could be verbally abusive but that they did not know he was allegedly sexually abusing women as well. "And [Weinstein] treated her incredibly respectfully, always".

Just how much did "everyone know" in Hollywood about Harvey Weinstein?

"What we need is for it to filter down, all the way down to somebody who's like a single mom, who's a waitress, who's getting harassed, when she's punching out, and she's afraid to speak up because she's going to lose her job and she needs her job", said Damon.

Matt Damon admitted that he knew of at least one incident of Harvey Weinstein harassing an actress, but insists that he didn't know the level to which the Hollywood executive was harassing and assaulting women. He said, "And I didn't think they were going to have affairs with Harvey, quite honestly".

Damon first worked with Weinstein on his first movie, the critically-accailmed "Good Will Hunting", which shot Damon into stardom.

In the wake of the sexual harassment allegations that have been leveled at producer Harvey Weinstein over the past few weeks, a multitude of celebrities have come forward with their own stories, some involving Weinstein and some involving other, unnamed perpetrators.

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Damon, who distanced himself from Weinstein earlier this month, said he had heard about the disturbing encounter around the time he and Paltrow were filming 1999′s "The Talented Mr. Ripley".

The actor continued to explain that everybody knew the producer was an "asshole" because "he was proud" of it, but he was unaware of the severity of sexual abuse occurring behind closed doors.

However, he already knew about Weinstein's sexual harassment of Paltrow by this time. And clearly, they didn't.

"To me, the message is somebody as powerful as Harvey can be brought down", said Damon.

The actor-director added that he witnessed Weinstein bragging of affairs with actresses who were friends of his, but he never believed him. "But the idea that this predator, this assaulter was out there silencing women like that-it's beyond infuriating".

George also discussed the allegations against Weinstein, noting that he wishes someone with knowledge of the situation had come forward years ago.