Destiny 2 PC Content Schedule Detailed By Bungie, No Raid At Launch

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But it's definitely still an exploit and the player base seems split about whether using it should preclude Redeem from taking World First honors.

But that's not the end of new content coming to the raid, as Bungie has now confirmed new optional challenges will be added beginning October 31. Destiny 2's Leviathan raid will be available a week later, starting on November 1, but at this time only normal difficulty will be available.

The PC version of Destiny is considerably different than consoles, players have access to 4K resolution, an uncapped framerate, higher quality textures, 21:9 widescreen support, the ability to rebind keys freely and much more. There are many people who enjoy the post-game grind, the raids, the Nightfall Strikes, The Iron Banner, Trials of the Nine and all the other stuff that's meant to keep players engaged long after the narrative's ended - but I'm not one of them. Trials of the Nine will begin on the weekend of November 3.

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And Bungie has a lot planned for the PC version of the game following its release.

This drew a response from Bungie community manager Chris "Cozmo" Shannon, posting via his account on Reddit's Destiny forum: "We have seen the reports that an ammo exploit was used today in the Prestige Raid". They will let them know with an in-game message when they fail with information on what is at stake each week.

In the same vein, Bungie will be speaking about more of Destiny 2's future this weekend at TwitchCon in Long Beach, California. Raid drops were also guaranteed by the game developers for every successful challenge completion.