Super Mario Run's biggest update features new levels, Princess Daisy

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Rescuing Daisy in Remix 10 mode unlocks her as a playable character in all of Super Mario Run's other gameplay modes. This means new players can familiarize themselves with a variety of different levels easily and experts can attempt to collect every bonus medal for a flawless rating. You'll collect Rainbow Coins in a "remix" mode where you play different snippets of 10 different levels, the World Star world, and Daisy to be "rescued" by finishing up the Remix 10 mode, the aforementioned new mode you can play in. Eurogamer reports that these stages will feature new enemies and gameplay mechanics, and the world will only be unlocked after players complete the game's existing six worlds. You can download it now for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play store, but you'll get only the first few levels free. Along with the update, will also come a steep discount on the in-app purchase of the game.

The most notable addition in the upcoming update is World Star, a new game world that consists of nine levels. Super Mario Run will be on sale for 50% off from 29 September to 12 October to promote the update.

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Recently, Nintendo announced that Mario is no longer considered a plumber, noting in an updated profile of the character that he worked as a plumber "a long time ago".

You'd be forgiven for wondering what was happening with Super Mario Run. But Nintendo is going to release an update that might bring their mobile game to life. "You can also listen to your own music while you play, and your character will even don headphones to reflect that you're not listening to the usual Super Mario themes". Super Mario Run, which was officially launched on iOS way back in December 2016 and on Android in March 2017, has failed to receive its fair share of updates.