Jennifer Lawrence's First Reaction to 'Mother!' Was That It Went 'Too Far'

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The film was written and directed by Academy Award Nominee Darren Aronofsky, who wrote and directed "Black Swan", "Requiem for a Dream" and 2014's "Noah" (If you missed "Noah", consider yourself was an abomination).

But surely no-one wants to see a mother being beaten to a pulp for no good reason or her newborn baby being killed and eaten by a mob.

Fans have always loved Jennifer Lawrence's refreshing honesty, and the star didn't disappoint when she readily admitted that the prospect of motherhood has become less appealing with age.

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'You've done a movie, at least one movie, every year since 2010.

From there, more strangers show up and Grace, whose emotions are told through uncomfortable closeups of Lawrence's tear-filled eyes, watches as her work is broken down by these intruders as she recedes to the background, while Eli basks in fame. "It's an assault. It's really assaulting", she said. "Now I'm like.[shocked face]"' she joked. Do you think about taking a break?,' Savannah pointed out, pre-empting Jen to swoop in with her revelation. Almost all of the frames in the film were head shots of Jennifer Lawrence's face or parts of her face which made it hard to figure out what was happening in the film. I know there's some disaster looming ahead and I know it's coming and no one will listen to me. "It was the most out-of-whack I have ever been".

Lawrence, who confirmed her relationship with Aronofsky in August, shared similar sentiments about the director while attending a news conference for mother! earlier this week. "I'm in some house and I have to be somewhere or I have to do something and I can't get out". That made her intimidating to her younger co-star. She was a very vocal critic of Trump and his supporters during the presidential campaign, even claiming that Trump's election would mark the world's end.