Hurricane Irma is literally moving the ocean

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A viral video posted to social media on Saturday shows how powerful the category 5 hurricane was when it plowed through the Caribbean.

Hurricane Irma is creating such a stir that it is pulling water from the shorelines of some of the areas caught in the hurricane's crosshairs.

The ominous-looking occurrence was in fact caused by a combination of low tide, low pressure and strong winds in the right direction, which literally pushed the water away from the long narrow bay.

"I am in disbelief right now..."

Basically, in the case of Irma, the power and the pressure have combined in such a way that the "bulge" effect is sucking the Atlantic ocean into its vortex.

It also sucked away ocean water from the shoreline at some beaches in the Bahamas.

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But not many people could predict what the storm did to the ocean surrounding a few small Bahamian islands.

The following videos were taken in Tampa, Florida and Long Island, Bahamas and show a rare phenomenon; hundreds of feet of dry land usually covered by ocean water. "And they don't know where it went!"

If not already there, the water is expected to be back by Sunday afternoon. As the storm gobbles water towards its center, it gets pulled from its surroundings.

The wind on Long Island in the Bahamas is from the southeast to the northwest on Saturday.

The National Hurricane Center predicts a "life-threatening storm surge" will hit the islands of the Florida Keys on Sunday.