Facebook Inc (FB) "Stories" Are Completely Failing To Catch On

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It is safe to say that out of all the platforms that Facebook launched the Stories feature on, only Instagram seems to be having the most success with it, with Facebook and WhatsApp being pretty much ghost towns as far as Stories are concerned.

Facebook added their version of Stories earlier this year but it is still yet to gain the same amount of traction as its Instagram counterpart. Pew said some two-thirds of Americans use Facebook, and a majority of those users get news on the site, similar to 2016. So it was only logical for the photo-sharing service to add a feature to share stories on Facebook as well.

However it seems that Mark Zuckerberg wants its users to view stories on its main and initial App, Facebook. On Facebook, they'll appear as normal apart from a small "Instagram" label beneath the user's name to denote where it was originally shared. "We have no other plans to share at this time".

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"Not only have Americans grown somewhat in their use of social media for news overall, but now they are more likely than ever to get news from multiple social media sites", Pew analysts Elisa Shearer and Jeffrey Gottfried write in the report, noting, "About one quarter of all US adults (26%) get news from two or more of these sites, up from 18% in 2016 and 15% in 2013". At the time, it wasn't clear how many people are able to take part in this test, but Instagram did confirm that it was real.

Ever since Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, the two apps have mostly been kept separate, according to TechCrunch.

While a very large share of Twitter users (74%) get news on the site, its user base is significantly smaller than Facebook's or YouTube's, resulting in a smaller overall reach for news: 11% of US adults get news on Twitter. In a report company revealed that 250 million people use Instagram Stories daily.