Destiny 2 servers down for four hours today

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As detailed on the "Maintenance" section of Bungie's website, servers for both Destiny 2 and the original Destiny will close their doors at 4pm today. After being met with several bugs and errors, players are now able to play without worry of their game crashing for the most part.

Now the max power level cap is 300.

Destiny 2 finally gets its first raid, The Leviathan, today- and we are already seeing the first few attempts at it by people now. Only time will tell if this means that it'll be less challenging as well.

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YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are your friend: If you're racing to be one of the first clans to finish the Leviathan Raid, then you'll need as much help as possible.

Bungie have just revealed that they are removing a gauntlet from Destiny 2 that "shares elements with a hate symbol". Here's a quick look at what you can expect to see when you take on these hard missions. "Past 260 Power, most upgrades will come from weekly activities like Flashpoints, Nightfalls, Call To Arms, Raids, Trials, and Clan rewards", the developers said.

Once the Raid goes live, the first thing to keep an eye on is usually who manages to figure out and complete all the game's challenges first: The Vault of Glass took players over 14 hours to crack, for example. If you try to equip the best gear, it is possible that you might not be able to increase your light level, since some of the gear can infact drop the light level a couple points below.