Cross-platform play between Xbox and PlayStation finally launches

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For a survival shooter/fort defense game like Fortnite, playing with friends can mean the difference between victory and, well, carrying three AFK strangers to victory. "We had a configuration issue and it has now been corrected", a representative told the website via email.

Over on Reddit, users noticed that Xbox Live gamertags were appearing in matches whilst playing the game on PS4. In that case, it's interesting that there hasn't been an official announcement - you'd think that after months of saying no and disappointing players, Sony would want to announce that cross play is possible in Fortnite. I'd be all in for system exclusive games if multi-platform titles had cross-network features. As innocuous as this may appear to be, PRE_-CISION-_ correctly noted that PlayStation Network accounts can not have spaces in their name. Sony doesn't allow spaces in PlayStation Network names, only underscores.

So far, Epic Games has yet to confirm or deny that it has implemented cross-console play in Fortnite. One early theory was that this could have been a PC player being matched with a PS4 player but after looking up the player's name, it was found that this person did own Fortnite on Xbox.

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It was effectively the first time in which cross-play between the two platforms was enabled in a publicly released game. Sony and Microsoft are also being quiet on the subject.

The possibility of cross-play continues to intrigue gamers who're often segregated by their choice of Microsoft or Sony consoles.