Apple's new Watch Series 3 Comes with Cellular Connectivity

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WatchOS 4 will also be available for existing Apple Watches on September 19.

The company's Other Products unit, which includes the Watch, represented 6% of Apple's sales in its most recent quarter. The Series 3 watch will have the same number as your iPhone.

Apple Watch Series 3 comes in a wide variety of cases and bands including a new space gray shade, sports loop band, and new Nike Plus models.

But "the biggest challenge of all was adding cellular", Williams said. It's the latest effort by Apple to make its watches less reliant on its iPhones, and comes after the company added basic Global Positioning System functionality to last year's Series 2 model. He said the company's engineers worked to ensure that adding cellular to Apple Watch didn't increase the gadget's physical size. There's a red dot on the digital crown which I'm guessing implies it comes with cellular connectivity. The Apple Watch Series 2 will be reduced in price to $249. At the time of last year's announcement Apple had become the second-largest watch manufacturer (by revenue) in the world.

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As usual, Apple will also offer new bands, including pricey ones from Hermes.

Apple has sold an estimated 30 million Apple Watches since introducing the device in 2015, according to market research by IDC. Apple's Cook said the company's Watch sales grew 50% year-over-year. To date, Apple hasn't disclosed sales of the Watch, which was its first all-new product released under Chief Executive Tim Cook, and some detractors have said sales were stymied because the initial version lacked objective. It also confirmed when it's going to release watchOS 4 and what new features it's going to bring.

But it's not the first watch with independent connectivity. Apple's pushing the audio-based communication that makes sense for a watch - it's far easier than trying to type on a watch face - and making use of its Ear Pods, which were so controversial previous year. The cellular capabilities allow people to leave their iPhones behind and still send and receive emails and messages by using Siri's transcription abilities. Moreover, the Apple Heart Study will use the data from Apple Watch and notify users.