Vehicle plunges seven floors from parking garage into alley below

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A vehicle fell seven stories out of an Austin, Texas parking garage.

At about 8:30 a.m. Austin police were alerted that Bowmer's auto had driven off the seventh floor of the garage, smashed in the building opposite the narrow downtown alley, then went into a terrifying nosedive, colliding with another vehicle, almost killing Bowmer. Officer say she hit the wrong pedal on the 7th floor of the garage, breaking through the cable wiring linking the outer parking spots.

The video shows the auto hit the pavement nose-first, clipping the rear of another vehicle as it comes to rest in the alley of the garage at 508 Brazos Street in downtown Austin.

The driver of the auto reportedly suffered "serious injuries" from the crash, KXAN reported.

This isn't the first time an incident like this happened in this same garage.

Burch and other witnesses then rushed to help the woman inside.

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The incident took place on July 13 at a parking garage in Austin, Texas.

The frequency of the two incidents shined a spotlight on permitting rules in Austin that allow structures like parking garages to face little oversight once their plans get the go-ahead from the city. Both the driver of the BMW and the driver of the Tahoe were reportedly okay after the incident.

The driver of the SUV, William Burch, was unhurt.

Here is the newspaper's account of the latest crash, along with its account of O'Connor's fall and his rescue from the dangling SUV by a passer-by. However, the property owner will need to file an extension because they are redesigning the entire cable system.

Bowmer says she thought she was going to die.

The seventh floor, where the July incident happened, is now fenced off with caution tape.