UNSC Imposes New Sanctions on North Korea

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"Do not violate the U.N.'s decision or provoke global society's goodwill by conducting missile launching or nuclear tests", Wang said, in an unusually direct admonition.

"Right now we're still in the stage of elevating pressure on the North Korean regime, elevating their feeling of isolation", Susan Thornton, the U.S. State Department's acting assistant secretary for East Asian and Pacific affairs, previously told reporters.

According to local analysts, the timing and choice of location for the current exercises is more to do with reasserting China's regional power than an immediate need to test new hardware.

Nikki Haley, ambassador to the U.N. for the United States, which drafted the resolution, said the vote "put the North Korean dictator on notice" and represented a "strong, united step holding North Korea accountable for its behavior".

A Security Council diplomat offered this estimate on North Korea's foreign revenue earnings in 2017: $295 million from seafood; $251 million from iron and iron ore, and $400 million from coal trade.

She also was quoted as saying that any meeting with Mr. Ri would be an opportunity "to deliver our desire for the North to stop its provocations" and respond to offerings by the new South Korea president, Moon Jae-in, for a dialogue.

The revelation came as North Korea issued a verbal attack on America, telling its Washington enemies they were "doomed to ruin".

U.S. officials have insisted that while Tillerson and Ri will be in the same room during the Manila forum, there would be no direct meeting between the two envoys. Wang earlier said it was important that Ri was attending the Manila meetings so he could hear "suggestions" and present his own views. The North Korean was spotted at the gala smiling and toasting with the other foreign ministers. South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha called it "a very, very good outcome".

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Moreover, the USA wanted to tie the noose around Kim's regime tighter as it has asked the UNSC in July to consider limiting the supply of oil to North Korea's military and weapons programs. In this photo, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un inspecting the test-fire of intercontinental ballistic missile Hwasong-14 at an undisclosed location.

Though Beijing repeated its call for the United States and North Korea to resume talks, the US said that was still premature, and rejected yet again a Chinese call for the U.S.to freeze joint military exercises with South Korea in exchange for the North halting nuclear development.

Trump said China and Russian Federation voted with the United States to pass what he called "the single largest economic sanctions package ever" on North Korea.

Senior US envoy Susan Thornton said Washington was "still going to be watchful" on the implementation of sanctions, cautioning that previous votes had been followed by China "slipping back".

"Do not violate the UN's decision or provoke worldwide society's goodwill by conducting missile launching or nuclear tests", Wang told Yong Ho.

Susan Thornton is alluding to China's artificial island-building in the disputed waters.

But the newly elected South Korean government of President Moon Jae-In is also much more open to negotiations than the previous administration run by Park Geun-Hye.