Spotify on Xbox rumors heat up

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Spotify has been available exclusively on PlayStation- in fact, by all appearances, it looked like Sony had sewn Spotify up in an exclusive partnership, much like Microsoft and HBO last generation.

While other audio streaming services such as SoundCloud, Pandora, TuneIn, and Microsoft's own Groove are available on Xbox One, the absence of an official Spotify app has been a sore spot for many Xbox fans. Akin to the likes of Netflix, the service instead of offering consumers with movies and television content aims in delivering music content from the both the latest and greatest artists to more indie and obscure groups and individuals. Hopefully, the Spotify Xbox app will also allow users access to the background streaming functionality so they can enjoy their Spotify Music playlists while playing their favourite Xbox One games.

Spotify first launched on consoles, back in 2015.

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The image above comes from a Microsoft training website, which was then posted to the Xbox One subreddit - the highlighted language points to an upcoming Spotify app on the Xbox One.

The announcement page noted that Spotify is "coming to WIndows 10 PCs and Xbox" - it should be made clear that Spotify has already released on Windows 10, so this page seems a bit dated.

Microsoft added the ability to listen to background music while playing games to Xbox One previous year - a move that revived hopes of an end to Sony and Spotify's exclusive relationship.