New Google Algorithm Downranks Android Apps That Crash Your Phone

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For better-performing apps, Google today had announced it is rolling out a change to its Play Store meaning those that experience fewer crashes and those that don't drain your smartphone battery that will have ranked higher than apps with bugs and other performance issues. If an app doesn't meet these requirements, it will be shown lower in search results compared with similar apps that do, and will also be demoted in discovery algorithms (like the "Similar apps" section, for example).

"Google Play strives to help people find and discover safe, high quality, useful, and relevant apps".

The Google Play Store was updated with support for Notification Channels earlier this week, with the Mountain View, California-based tech giant still being in the process of distributing the latest version of its Android app marketplace to all users.

This change is just a further indication of an overall shift in search ranking priority criteria that began years ago with Google's Panda algorithm: Quality content is what really matters.

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Google invites developers to use the Play Console which can help find and fix a number of quality issues like excessive battery usage, slow render times or random crashes.

To ensure the best apps that have promoted is the goal with this new ranking that in turn leads to improved app usage and engagement.

Google is also encouraging these developers to use the new Android vitals tool to detect the performance issues in their apps, and those who will comply with the standards will gradually see improvements in their apps' ratings and "ultimately their retention and monetisation". The bad Android apps are those that crash a lot when they are launched and includes apps with a low user rating as well.

Google has just released an update to its Play Store ranking algorithm. "By focusing on the quality and performance of your app, you'll find more success on Google Play".