'Mystery critters' suspected of eating holes in boy's feet on Australian beach

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When he hopped out, he soon realised his feet and calves were bleeding.

Australia is famous for its great white sharks, but these critters were pound-for-pound worse than a shark. He rang me, actually, from outside....

The couldn't staunch the flow, which seeped from pin prick sized holes, so Jarrod drove Sam to Sandringham Hospital emergency department. There was also a massive amount of blood.

It was his father, Mr Jarrod Kanizay, who took the case in his hand and solved the mystery. His parents then took him to the hospital. "It's likely the cold waters of the bay only helped to numb their bites, meaning Sam never knew he was becoming a meal for some mini monsters".

He instructed his son to be honest with the nurses about the pain so he wouldn't have to wait long in the emergency room.

Sam is not the first Melburnian attacked by sea fleas.

The teenager "had to have really really cold, and it is for that that he has not felt", said Mr. Weir, who had already had scratches similar on the front after a diving in the night 40 years ago.

According to the Daily Mail, Jarrod Kanizay took a fishing net and a chunk of meat out to the same place where Sam was injured.

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"We found thousands of little mite-type creatures in our net", Mr Kanizay said.

We hope that researchers and the doctors find out more information about these meat eating bugs/lice and develop a treatment that will avoid the excessive bleeding Sam had to go through, because no one in the hospital could figure out the reason behind it.

They are tiny carnivorous crustaceans which feed on dead marine creatures, which includes whales and even sea birds.

The culprits are now thought to be lysianassid amphipods, scavenging crustaceans sometimes called "sea fleas".

"They have chemo-receptors, so they can detect chemicals in the water and the chemicals given off by decaying meat or fish, so they're attracted to that smell".

"There are a lot of bait fish around at the moment so whether there's some smaller creature that the bait fish are chasing. He may have already had a cut, perhaps, and they were able to smell that wound or any chemicals that the wound was giving off". "He might come home with some scars".

"I didn't feel anything untoward when I was in the water", he told the Herald Sun. "It's a bit of a red herring day".