Microsoft Overhauls Xbox One Dashboard With Custom Features

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According to information sent to TechRadar, Spotify will be available to download on Xbox One devices in 34 countries around the world starting today and the streaming service will work on the system regardless of whether you are a free or a Premium Spotify user. In addition, you can also control your music from the Spotify app on your smartphone or computer while listening to it on your Xbox One so you don't have to pause or interrupt your game to switch tracks.

The app, which has always been available on PlayStation 4, enables users to play music in the background while gaming.

Rumors that Spotify would soon arrive on Xbox One started spreading last week when users spotted Microsoft's Larry Hyrb, aka Major Nelson, testing the app. Spotify's app offers access to its full catalogue of over 30 million songs. All you have to do is download the Spotify app from the Xbox store and then you should be good to go. The integration will allow players to soundtrack their own gaming sessions for a more personalized experience.

A new preview update for the Xbox One has revealed that the next major update will be changing the way we see the Xbox UI.

Browse playlists from different genres and moods.

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Do you plan on using Spotify on your Xbox One?

Play your own playlists or songs from Your Music.

The upcoming Xbox One update will be bringing a new "look" and "feel" to the Home screen on the Xbox.

With the launch of Spotify, Microsoft has gained a crucial feature previously exclusive to Sony's console. Competing against the PS4 Pro, both consoles now boast the ability to customize an in-game soundtrack around players' preferences.