India Mum on Troop Numbers in Doklam

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The nature of Sikkim standoff is completely different and Doval had met Yang as State Councillor of China and not as the Special Representative for boundary negotiations with India, a Chinese diplomat said. Since the two month face-off in which relations between Beijing and New Delhi have dipped alarmingly Bhutan has remained silent with not a word on the issue that has its two big neighbours nearly at war.

On Friday, China Central Television broadcast video it said showed an army unit in an unidentified part of Tibet carrying out live-fire firing exercises in the past few days.

Already Chinese experts warn of potential "small-scale operations" in Doklam plateau in about two weeks' time to drive away Indian presence.

An editorial published in the Global Times claimed that the Chinese PLA has "sufficient preparation for military confrontation" and that it would be "a war with an obvious result".

Karat was critical of the "confused approach" of the Modi government regarding bilateral relations with China and neighbouring countries.

Meanwhile, Indian and Chinese troops continue to be locked in a stand-off in Doklam and both sides have moved additional troops, ammunition and military equipment to the area.

'India will be annihilated'Another editorial in the Global Times also blamed the Narendra Modi government of taking the issue lightly. Indian troops stationed in Bhutan under a special security arrangement then intervened to keep Chinese troops at bay, triggering the face-off. "So, a solution will definitely emerge if we engage in dialogue on bilateral relations", Swaraj said in Rajya Sabha.

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Liu Jinsong, deputy chief of mission of the Chinese Embassy in India, while introducing the document to reporters from local media at a recent press briefing held at the embassy, called for great attention to be paid to the document. The dispute arose after Indian troops stopped the Chinese army from building a road in the region in mid-June.

To a question on whether Bhutan had sought India's help in the first place, the spokesperson referred to a statement issued by the External Affairs Ministry on June 30 and said: "We mentioned very clearly that in keeping with the tradition of maintaining close consultations in matters of mutual interest, Royal Government of Bhutan and the Government of India have been in continuous contact through the unfolding of these developments".

China alleged that India's intrusion into its territory under the pretext of defending Bhutan's territorial claims, has not only violated Beijing's territorial sovereignty, but also challenged Bhutan's sovereignty and independence.

The Modi government's hard-line stance is sustained by neither laws nor strength.

"India, which has stirred up the incident, should bear all the consequences. This administration is recklessly breaking worldwide norms and jeopardising India's national pride and peaceful development", the article said.

As of the end of July, there were still over 40 Indian border troops and one bulldozer illegally staying in Chinese territory.