How to prepare for the solar eclipse

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She's making plans to take her daughter out of school on Monday, Aug. 21, when the first total solar eclipse in decades will cross the country. The last time this happened from coast to coast was 1918.

The short-term rental company is giving away one night in a geodesic dome in OR and a private jet flight through the path of totality, when the sun is completely covered by the moon. Looking further down the road, we will get a chance to see totality here with the eclipse of April 8, 2024 - the northern edge of the narrow band of the umbra of our moon's shadow will pass right over IU Kokomo.

You can view the total solar eclipse live on this Nasa webpage.

Russell N. Van Gelder, MD, Ph.D., a clinical spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology, has treated patients who have lost vision to the sun. Unlike the 2012 event, the 2017 eclipse will be total. "It is essential, however, that viewing is done safely. But even a brief second looking at the sun, can in some cases, depending on the individual, cause a permanent damage to the fovea and the fovea is the very center of the retina", Dr. Yudcovitch said. There certainly wasn't Twitter or Facebook in 1979, but now you can expect numerous posts in your feed from across the country as people share their eclipse experiences.

Jeannette Myers, professor of astronomy at Francis Marion University and director of the Dooley Planetarium shared at a recent workshop what viewers of the eclipse will see during this rare event.

Manufacturers are cranking out millions of safety glasses for the upcoming solar eclipse.

Use Gage County's free shuttle service to get around, since parking will be severely restricted in the area. Ordinary sunglasses won't protect you - you'll get thousands of times too much ultraviolet light if you gaze at the sun with only your Maui Jims. Just do not forget to be safe and protect your eyes.

Remember when you're mom told you to not look directly at the sun?

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There is one exception to this rule.

Harris explains that a total solar eclipse is even more awesome.

A solar eclipse only lasts a few minutes and can only be seen by less than half a percent of the earth's population.

In North Carolina the moon will obscure the sun from about 1 3 p.m.

Walter also said people who want to take a picture or video of the sun with their cell phone can simply take their special solar glasses and put the solar filter over the front of their cell phone camera's lense because "that's just like putting a solar filter on the front end of the binoculars or a telescope". "Safe solar filters produce a view of the Sun that is comfortably bright (like the full Moon), in focus, and surrounded by dark sky".

It will be the first time that has happened in almost a century, and never will a total solar eclipse be so heavily viewed and studied.

In Las Vegas, a partial eclipse will be observable, beginning at 9:09 a.m.

The maximum solar eclipse in United Kingdom will occur at 8:04pm on Monday 21 August but you can watch the eclipse from beginning at 7:40pm to end at 8:28pm. The sun will be significantly dimmer during the eclipse but this does not mean it is safe to view the eclipse directly.