DJ in groping case says he may have touched Swift's ribs

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Taylor Swift's defense attorney dug into the former radio DJ accused of groping her during a 2013 photo shoot at the onset of questioning in the trial Tuesday-after the DJ's attorney called him to the stand first thing.

David Mueller, who lost his job at Denver radio station KYGO-FM over his encounter with Swift, testified on Tuesday that he made incidental physical contact with the singer as the two posed for pictures together, perhaps brushing her arm or torso.

According to the Grammy-winning artist, Mueller slipped his hand under her dress and grabbed her bare buttocks as the two posed, along with Mueller's girlfriend, during a meet-and-greet session before a June 2013 concert in Denver.

While Mueller is seeking $3 million in damages, Taylor is just seeing $1, in an effort to prove she isn't trying to bankrupt him and to show other women that they're allowed to say "no." .

Mueller also testified that one of his station bosses, Hershel Coomer, told him that he had met Swift earlier before the show and that "he told me that he had his hands on her butt". Mueller said the recordings used too much space on his phone and it began to malfunction, so he moved the files to a MacBook.

"Today Ms Swift is taking a stand for all women", he said in an opening statement, reports US Weekly.

Swift's lawyers have said the photo is "damning" proof that Mueller did inappropriately touch her.

"I love how she's suing him for $1 because she doesn't need the money but she wants to make it a point that women don't need to take this", said Vega Zaringlee, 12.

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He launched a lawsuit against Swift in September 2015, alleging that she should have called the police rather than his managers and that she had caused him to lose his job and salary. Despite donating $250,000 to Kesha in 2016 for her own sexual assault legal battles, the "Tik-Tok" singer has been silent so far about Swift's case. All are expected to testify during the trial.

David Mueller was sacked from two jobs prior to his termination by KYGO over an allegation that he groped Taylor Swift before a Denver concert, he testified Wednesday under questioning by Swift's lawyer. "What possible motivation would Taylor Swift have to make up a story?"

Baldridge's remarks had been made shortly after Mueller's attorney, Gabriel McFarland, made it clear neither he nor his client condoned any kind of inappropriate touching, declaring it's "offensive, it's wrong and should never be tolerated".

Two days later, he was sacked from his job at KYGO.

The court public information officer says these conferences are usually held to introduce evidence or discuss procedure, but there's also a possibility that settlements come out of these discussions in some cases.

A former radio DJ has insisted in court that he did not grope Taylor Swift.

McFarland asked Mueller if his hand was underneath Swift's skirt, referring to the meet-and-greet photo shown on monitors in the courtroom.

Taylor's camp, however, said he "grabbed her rear end". Court documents say it is unlikely that either side will settle.