Corroded beam caused fatal Ohio State Fair accident, ride maker says

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The deadly Fire Ball accident at the Ohio State Fair last month was caused by "excessive corrosion", says the ride maker. So what exactly caused this tragic situation??

"It's been looked at about three or four times over the course of two days", Michael Vartorella, chief ride inspector for Ohio's Division of Amusement Ride Safety, said in July.

In a statement posted Sunday on Facebook, KMG, the ride's Dutch manufacturer, said the failed ride was 18 years old.

"This finally led to the catastrophic failure of the ride during operation", Kroon said, noting that it eventually resulted in the passenger-carrying gondola to detach from the supporting sweep arm of the ride. Kroon also shared that the company has vowed to "develop an inspection protocol" in order to prevent future tragedies.

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Investigators visited the accident site, reviewed video footage of the July 26 incident, and conducted a metallurgical inspection of the attraction, KMG said.

Tyler Jarrell, an 18-year-old Marine, was killed in the accident.

The company said the spinning and swinging ride called the Fire Ball was 18 years old.

KMG said it is working with safety experts on the inspection process after what happened. The Associated Press reports that Jarrell, a Columbus native, was enrolled for basic training in the summer of 2018. Local Cincinnati news station WCPO reported that Jarell's family plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit. The Great Allentown Fair once featured a smaller version, but it is no longer in the fair's ride package, a state official said.