Consumer Reports Pulls Microsoft Surface Tablet Recommendation Over Breakdowns, Unreliability

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But after a new survey of thousands of subscribers, Consumer Reports is no longer recommending any Microsoft laptop or tablet, including the popular Surface.

Available only to subscribers, the study found that Microsoft laptops and tablets has breakage rates of 25 percent within the first two years of ownership, according to a statement on the Consumer Reports Web site.

Among the Surface problems owners discovered, Consumer Reports that Surface devices can freeze or unexpectedly shut down, and owners experience touchscreen issues.

But as Consumer Reports notes, the reliability of Apple's laptop and tablet products are consistently the most highly rated by its readers. As you might imagine, Microsoft is already responding against these findings, stating that the company does not believe that the study "accurately reflects Surface owners' true experiences". Consumer Reports came to this conclusion after surveying around 90,000 laptop and tablet owners, finding that around 25 percent of Surface users had encountered problems. That being said, Consumer Reports carries a lot of weight with its ratings and this report will likely have a serious impact on sales. Microsoft was found to be a statistical outlier when compared to other brands as far as product reliability is concerned.

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Consumer Reports has announced it's pulling its recommendations on four Surface systems due to extremely high failure rates. Impact-resistant rubber and a hard armor shell secures your Microsoft Surface Laptop in place and keeps it safe from jarring, for the most part.

Also, we all know that the Surface line has earned its licks for all of the above listed issues - not that we personally have experienced many during our time reviewing Surface products and since.

As parents and students look for new laptops this back-to-school season, Consumer Reports Magazine is cautioning about one popular brand.

Microsoft, unsurprisingly, disagrees with CR. Earlier this year, Consumer Reports declined to endorse Apple's Touch Bar-equipped MacBook Pro over inconsistent battery life performance, but updated its rankings after Apple released a software patch that fixed its issue.