9/11 victim identified 16 years on

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Most of the new testing has pointed toward already-identified victims of the terror attacks.

A victim of the 9/11 attacks has been identified, almost 16 years later, medical examiners said.

The Medical Examiner's office used DNA testing on remains found in the devastation to identify the man. Monday's declaration denotes the first run through since March 2015 that remaining parts of a September 11 World Trade Center casualty have been recognized.

The man's identity was confirmed through DNA retesting.

He is the 1,641st person to be formally identified as a victim of the attack which took place nearly 16 years ago and is the first new victim of the attacks to be identified since March 2015.

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Medical examiners have recently been using a process that involves pulverising the fragments to extract DNA, and comparing it to a collection of genetic material collected from victims and their relatives. Most of the DNA profiles generated belong to previously identified victims. Families of those individuals have had no choice but to wait and hope that a discovery might be made so that they can bury their loved ones, and attempt to find some closure more than a decade and a half after the devastating attacks.

In 2013, authorities sifted through truckloads of debris unearthed by construction crews who were working on rebuilding the site.

Few full bodies were recovered after the giant skyscrapers burned and collapsed - and the effects of heat, bacteria and chemicals have made it hard to analyse remains.

In New York City, the Twin Towers were hit, the structures engulfed in flames before eventually collapsing, killing more than 2,600 people.