Subway Riders Direct Rage at Gov. Cuomo After Train Derailment

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Cuomo cautioned that the bill would result in millions of New Yorkers losing their insurance coverage and cost the state billions of dollars while shattering its health care system.

The Association of Counties, which represents the state's 57 counties and New York City, is urging the Assembly to pass a bill that would give counties permanent authority to charge their current sales-tax rates.

Last week, Wyoming County Board of Supervisors Chairman Doug Berwanger had "reservations" over Collins amendment, though he supported lowering property taxes.

With something for just about every lawmaker the measure easily passed and allowed lawmakers to leave Albany.

A spokesman for the Business Council, Zack Hutchins, said the letter spurred the Cuomo administration to react by offering a meeting with Alphonso David, who is Cuomo's counsel, in early July. The bill was originally proposed by Cuomo, and the Senate approved it last week. "The Faso-Collins shell game cuts $2.3 billion in federal funding to NY and will force every resident of this state to pay a "Faso-Collins Federal Tax" added onto local property taxes to make up the difference to avoid decimation of our healthcare system".

The bill would extend mayoral control of New York City schools for two years and sales and local tax measures for county governments an additional three years.

US Senate Mulls Ban on Kaspersky Software for Pentagon
Kaspersky has said repeatedly it has no ties to any government and that allegations about its products being used to support Russian espionage are unfounded.

Legally deemed an "extraordinary session, " most of Wednesday was anything but that.

"One would think things in Albany couldn't get more chaotic or dysfunctional, yet it always seems to get worse", said Senate Minority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins after the Senate adjourned for the night Wednesday. Legislators grumbled about being asked, once again, to sit around awaiting talks in which most were not directly involved. And some lobbyists grumbled that they had to be at the Capitol just to play a kind of what-if defense in the event some issue dear to one of their clients suddenly surfaced.

Lawmakers unhappy about being dragged back to Albany to wait as Cuomo and top lawmakers negotiate behind closed doors vented their displeasure.

The "Forever Wild" clause protects the forest preserve of the Catskills and Adirondacks from logging, lease or development.

But given the governor's propensity for stuffing the budget process with a variety of seemingly unrelated policies, it was not surprising that other groups were pushing for special-session consideration. Senate Republicans had wanted to tie an extension to the authorization of more charter schools. This time, it's the Senate's turn. For the senator, that goal did not work out so well, as the Senate is expected back today about mid-day, officials said late Wednesday.