Referee Replaced Mid-Game After Giving LaVar Ball Technical Foul

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Instead, it ended with another LaVar Ball antic. At that point, the game was supposed to move forward as scheduled, but after LaVar was ejected and refused to leave courtside, the officiating crew decided it was time to call the game, according to Jason Scheer of Court Club officials speaking on the condition of anonymity told CBS Sports that it was the third consecutive game at the Adidas event in which Ball's in-game behavior was over the line.

Ball had pulled his team off the floor in a game they were winning earlier in the week over frustration with referees.

The female ref declined to comment after the abbreviated game, which Ball's squad lost, 53-43.

"She's got a vendetta", Ball said after the game in a video captured by

"The kid was scared sh-less to give him a technical foul", the source said.

So for people wondering why LaVar got his way, well there you have it.

LaVar Ball is an asshole, and the Adidas rep who chose to remove the ref from the game is a coward.

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Ball's assumption that the unnamed referee's calls were a result of her gender - and her attempt to prove herself - is the kind of rhetoric supporters and critics of his have grown accustomed to. And she don't understand. He had pointed to an official and yelled, "We need to get someone else in here".

"I don't care if you're a woman, or a man or whatever, just be good at what you do".

"She needs to stay in her lane because she ain't ready for this", he added.

"This should be unacceptable behaviour for any person in this country in 2017".

The obnoxious dad of this year's NBA No. 2 overall draft pick Lonzo continued to run his mouth Friday after picking up a pair of technical fouls while coaching his youngest son LaMelo's Big Baller Brand AAU team in Las Vegas. He famously said the same thing to Kristine Leahy on "The Herd". The woman was then removed as an official from the game.

The identity of the woman was not released, but according to ESPN she was a Division I women's basketball official.

"I don't even look as gender as an issue", Rivers said.