New Google feed will delve even deeper into your data

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The feed will have cards with sports highlights, top news articles, new videos, music, stories etc. Google says the Feed app will come to global markets in the next couple of weeks.

"Google has recently announced the launch of a 'personalised feed section" in the google app which is being redesigned. If you see a topic of interest to you in your feed, you can tap the header and go straight to a Google Search for that topic. For instance, the users who are more health conscious and frequently search for the health-related news, Feed will provide the data related to health.

While the feed isn't a shift in business model for the web giant, it does signal a turning point in how the largest web giants are continuing to compete for users' attention.

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The company did not divulge whether it would insert advertisements or sponsored posts into the feed, but Mr Littunen suggested the focus of the service was to make Google more useful and drive users to its other services.

In a move to have a more interactive platform with the Google app users which has nearly made its space in every smartphone, with the ever increasing number of smartphone users across the globe. And, while we each keep up to date on the things that matter to us in different ways-social media, news apps, talking to friends-it's hard to find one place to stay in the know about exactly what matters to you. Also, the links you stumble upon will be flagged with an x and a message telling you you've shown interest in that particular topic. However, it's worth mentioning that if you have a Pixel or any device that has Google Now/Feed built into the launcher, you won't see those tabs. While the feed may initially batch up news preferences, it makes up for it by allowing people to explore and follow interests, such as sports, technology, or business.

The new feed experience is available in the Google app for Android (including the Pixel Launcher) and iOS, launching today in the USA and rolling out internationally in the next couple of weeks.