Man in Jail For Flying Drone Near Wildfire

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A 54-year-old Arizona man suspected of flying a drone that grounded firefighting efforts last week has been arrested. Fire crews continue to work the northern and western flanks of the fire, which now has a perimeter of 62 miles.

Using a drone in a wildfire area is cover under the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, 36 261.3 (a) Interfering with a Forest Officer engaged in or on account of the performance of his official duties in the protection, improvement, or administration of the National Forest System is prohibited.

The investigation - On June 24, 2017, just before 7PM, a witness reported contacting a male subject flying a drone while standing near a white van on East Poland Road, near the Mount Union Lookout tower.

A pair of fawns was discovered in the midst of the Goodwin Fire in Arizona, and firefighters brought them to safety.

The current fire was 53 percent contained Sunday, prompting authorities to lift evacuation orders for some nearby communities, though multiple other areas remained under mandatory evacuation.

The two fawns were separated from the mother running from the flames
The two fawns were separated from the mother running from the flames

The rescuers come from an elite Flagstaff crew and are among 1,200 firefighters at the scene.

A drone was also spotted on Thursday in the same airspace as 14 firefighting aircraft, including five helicopters, three large air tankers, and five heavy air tankers. For almost an hour, aircraft remained grounded.

Based on the witness information, drone descriptions, and photos obtained from Carpenter's website showing drone views of the Goodwin Fire, deputies began searching for him.

He also may face possible federal charges.

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