Letter to the editor: GOP's health care plan is shameful

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Now, Republicans have to figure out if there's a version of Obamacare repeal that can find 50 supportive senators - a balancing act between moderates looking to keep more of the social safety net in place and conservatives looking to reduce the role of government in health care.

In January, Paul seemed to warn about the exact dangers that he's now advocating, particularly the political dangers to repealing Obamacare without a follow-through plan to replace it. Support for the overhaul is in the single digits among Democrats, but several polls show independents and Republicans also remarkably uneasy, with total support among all respondents languishing somewhere between about 12 and 27 percent.

But if the Senate isn't careful, the current bill will serve to remind too many Republicans and independents what they like least about Washington, even if some of its substance would pay off down the road.

If Mitch McConnell believed anything about the health care bill, it was that the Senate needed to vote on it before they left for a scheduled July 4 recess. "It doesn't have the votes, and it's a waste of valuable time to discuss it".

On the other, he is also trying to please conservatives like Sens.

Republicans have been talking about repealing Obamacare's taxes since before the bill be became law.

Paul has submitted his own alternative approach to the White House and Senate leadership - one that would allow individuals to band together in groups to buy coverage and end government subsidies or "bailouts" for insurance companies that incur huge losses.

Trump urges GOP Senators to repeal Obamacare immediately, then replace
Letter to the editor: GOP's health care plan is shameful

"The bill is just being lit up like a Christmas tree full of billion-dollar ornaments, and it's not repeal".

Sen. Mike LeeMike LeeGOP senator: "It's not going to do any good" to comment on Trump's tweets GOP senators warming to repeal then replace on ObamaCare Lee on healthcare: Lumping too much into one bill dooms its chances MORE (R-Utah) during an interview that aired Sunday warned that putting too much into one piece of legislation makes it more hard for it to pass. "You can't leave the American people out like this".

Trump subsequently anointed McConnell's Senate version as much better and more humane.

As it stands, the Senate bill isn't where it needs to be for Republicans to get excited and get it passed. "We're getting close", Short said on "Fox News Sunday".

After failing to bring the Senate to a vote to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) this week, Republicans, including President Donald Trump, have argued that the best path forward is to repeal Obamacare now and then delay replacing the legislation until a later date. "We think that helps solve numerous problems that America faces". "Conversations are ongoing as we speak, so we look forward hopefully them coming back after this Fourth of July recess and getting the work done".

"The fact of the matter is that he can do more than one thing at a time", Price snapped in response to a question by NBC's Chuck Todd. Even as he sought to discuss flooding issues, an attendee interrupted to mention Medicaid, prompting others to chant, "Health care!"

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