Germany braces for cyber attacks at G20 next week

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Much of the media focus will be on the first face-to-face meeting between Mr Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, as relations between the two nations sour over alleged Russian interference in the 2016 USA election and differing views on Syria and Ukraine.

Later this month, Trump will be traveling to face one of his greatest foreign policy tests thus far at the G-20 Summit.

Interior Minister said on Tuesday that some 20,000 police officers will secure the Friday and Saturday event in Germany's second-largest city where anti-capitalist protesters are expected to riot. Trump has said he will pull the United States out of the 2015 Paris deal on tackling climate change.

During Xi's first state visit to Germany in March 2014, China and Germany lifted their bilateral relations to a comprehensive strategic partnership.

The Chinese president also proposed to enhance the strategic synergy between "Made in China 2025" and Germany's "Industry 4.0" with a pioneering, innovative, open and inclusive approach. The two sides will also ink a series of cooperation agreements.

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Horizon has said it now operates within a range of 550 to 700 percent, most recently stating it anticipates finishing the year at 585 percent.

As the G20 summit host respectively for 2016 and 2017, China and Germany are both working to contribute to global economic governance.

"The president said that he looks forward to helping Chancellor Merkel make the summit a success", according to a statement from the White House.

When Putin welcomed President Xi, he said that their talks would focus on economic and global issues, and that the two allies were keen to boost ties.

Transatlantic differences on climate change, trade, defence spending and refugees hang over the July 7-8 meeting of the world's major industrialised and emerging economies.