Data glitch sets tech company stock prices at $123.47

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Erroneous prices of Nasdaq stocks, including some of the world's biggest technology companies, flooded traders' screens after the United States market shut early Monday before a holiday.

Nasdaq said the data that was sent out was part of "normal evening test procedures".

The weird numbers didn't affect actual trades in the stocks, Nasdaq spokesman Ryan Wells said.

At the $123.47 price, shares in Apple fell by more than 14% while Microsoft jumped 79%, which would value the company at almost $1trn.

Apple (AAPL) shares rose 348% to $645.71 in late trading Monday, according to dubious data appearing on Yahoo Finance.

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Update 10:55PM ET, 7/3: Included Nasdaq's statement on the matter attributing the error to an "improper use of test data".

Amazon shares were shown to drop from nearly $950 (£735), a loss of 87 per cent, while Google owner Alphabet's fell by 86 per cent. "There is no technical issue at Nasdaq", Christinat said, adding that no trades were made at the incorrect prices.

The Nasdaq figures were, we're told, not reflected in actual trading, only in the publicly listed prices, so no one lost any money.

The NASDAQ closed early on Monday for the 4 July holiday in the U.S., a possible reason for the event.

Third-party data providers pushed the wrong prices after the early market close, as the exchange operator was testing its pricing data feed. That, however, was a far more risky occurrence, as the stock prices really did plummet due to a combination of market manipulations and automated high-frequency trading tools which initiated a selling frenzy.