Uber fires more than 20 employees amid sexual harassment claims

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Uber didn't mention the employees who were axed.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick launched an internal investigation into the company's workplace. The claims came from employees worldwide, but the majority were raised by employees in San Francisco, where Uber is headquartered.

"They're showing that they're going to take some concrete steps to address the matter", said Evan Rawley, a professor at Columbia University's business school. Investigators already needed extra time for a deeper probe of Uber's work culture, and of the 12,000 full-time employees there, Bloomberg reports that more than 200 claims were investigated.

Levandowski, a former Google engineer, let the company to set up his own autonomous trucking company, Otto, that was quickly bought by Uber for $680m in 2016.

Uber hired former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to conduct a separate investigation into the allegations.

So as well as detailing what it has done to address those existing complaints, Uber will now have to be very clear about how it will handle such issues in future.

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In the post, Fowler, a site-reliability engineer, detailed a horrifying year in which her sexual harassment claims were ignored by Uber's human resources department. It was then discovered that at least eight other women experienced similar treatment at Uber.

The ride-hailing company hired Perkins Coie to handle the investigation and they have released the numbers of what the firm has uncovered so far. Among the 20 fired were senior execs, sources said, although Wilson did not disclose specific names.

Perkins Coie was brought in to investigate the 215 harassment claims against the company. After the report was presented to the company's management, 20 staff members were sent packing.

The past year has been filed with controversies for the cab aggregator. In addition to sexual harassment allegations, Uber is facing a variety of issues, including a slew of executive departures, the federal criminal investigation into whether it has been deceiving law enforcement and an admission that it underpaid tens of thousands of drivers.

Uber also was accused by Alphabet for stealing files containing trade secrets from its self-driving auto division Waymo. But Kalanick was not in attendance when the firings were announced, as he is with family in Fresno, California, the wake of a tragic accident and death in the family.