Twitter unveils new look, which users quickly mock

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As noticed by yours truly and other Twitter-ers, the new look is strikingly similar to Instagram's big black-and-white update from a year ago, cutting out a chunk of Twitter's trademark blue-and-white design for something more monochromatic and icon-centric.

A new feature coming to both Android and iOS - but notably not to the web app or the Twitter Lite app - is the ability to monitor replies, retweets and like counts in real-time. What's New: ● Profile, additional accounts, settings, and privacy - all in one place! The new Twitter app for iOS is now easier to use with less tabs while placing all other settings into one location.

For Android users, these changes were implemented last summer, and due to their positive response, Twitter is making those changes to iOS. Headlines for Twitter Moments are bolder, making the content look more rich and attractive. This change is to make it clearer what is being said, and who's saying it, Twitter said, meaning photos will now appear like WhatsApp icons which emphasise a face in the centre of the circle.

Tweets now live update as they are retweeted, liked, etc.

Twitter has given itself a makeover in an effort to make itself more attractive to new users.

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Twitter Lite doesn't not come in the list of the usual apps found on the Apple App and Google Play Store.

Rounding out this Twitter update is more accessibility options, like increased color contrast, and the ability to use filters and stickers on your profile image. For example, the reply icon (an arrow) has been replaced with a speech bubble after users often confused it with delete or go back to a previous page. This new update, which should be rolling out now to iOS devices, is all about making the iOS version similar in appearance to the Android version.

Twitter says the changes will be launched today to Twitter for iOS and Twitter for Android through an update. Perhaps the most important change is the new navigation sidebar that has taken up residence on the left side of the display.