Trump Accuses Obama of Collusion, Obstruction Over Russia

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President Trump says his predecessor "didn't choke, he colluded or obstructed" after learning about Russia's attempted interference in the US election - months before saying anything about it.

The Post report details how the CIA's assessment that Putin was directly involved in a cyber campaign to disrupt and discredit the USA presidential election in an effort to help Trump prompted the Obama administration to debate dozens of options for deterring or punishing Russian Federation.

Some Democrats saw abundant irony in Trump blaming Obama for indecisiveness against a Russian operation that Trump himself has long seemed to play down - including when he fired FBI chief James Comey for pursuing his investigation of "this Russia thing".

The President - sticking to his new habit of calling himself "T" - also demanded an apology for his campaign being investigated over potential Russian Federation ties.

"I think the administration needed to call out Russian Federation earlier, and needed to act to deter and punish Russian Federation earlier and I think that was a very serious mistake", Schiff said.

The State Department wrote back to the lawmakers a month later, after Hillary Clinton's stinging loss to Donald Trump. "I think the idea was that you had Hillary Clinton with a secret server, that was very clear about what she had done to evade it, and I think that's probably a bigger concern right now in terms of what they were doing, and the lack of security that they had".

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The account published Friday by the Post reported that the previous administration issued four warnings to Moscow - including one Obama delivered directly to Putin - causing Moscow to pull back on possible plans to sabotage U.S. voting operations.

Trump may see this as a good week, but just when things look sunny in Trumpland, a little shade can appear. "But nobody wants to talk about that", Trump told "Fox and Friends Weekend".

ADVERTISEMENT Former President Obama seized the two diplomatic compounds and expelled at least 35 Russian diplomats last December when the administration learned that Russians might be meddling in the election, including potentially hacking voting machines. The U.S. intelligence community concluded that Moscow interfered in the U.S. election specifically to help Trump win.

Alex Halderman at Michigan University informs of a research of DRE (direct recording electronic) voting machines by him along with his team since ten years to find that the machines were capable of being reprogrammed such that they could maneuver to get a particular candidate to become the victor. It's an unbelievable thing. "Obviously we've been dealing with a lot of other issues".

That failure to act more aggressively caused some prominent Democrats to engage in rare open criticism of their former leader. To make matters more complicated, every meeting between United States and Russian officials in recent weeks has been treated as hugely controversial both within the press and in Congress. Trump, she said, does not take the Russian investigation seriously. "I feel like we sort of choked".