The Xbox One X is not the console for everyone

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Many fans still choose to buy a console rather than a high-end PC, while some have both.

Recently, Microsoft announced that Original Xbox games will be playable as backwards compatible titles later this year.

There are however still many months in the launch of Far Cry 5 and it is likely that the team will receive a development kit in the coming weeks, so as to optimize the design for Xbox One X.

According to publication site GameRant, folks looking to play some of their favorite titles found on the original Xbox on their Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X consoles will soon be able to, but not to the full extent like the Xbox 360 compatibly program.

The revelation was made by none other than Xbox leader Phil Spencer, who at the same time also insisted that they were not losing any money either. The game has over 30 million active players, and it is heavyweight in the competitive eSports arena.

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Some of you might come up with an argument that Sony has added trophies support to PlayStation 2 games that run on PlayStation 4. Nonetheless, Sony's Jim Ryan stated that the power advantage of the Xbox One X over the Playstation 4 Pro won't be that evident when it rolls out this winter. We will have been in the market for a year with PS4 Pro, and that thing also is selling faster than we can make them. The primary way we're going to bring them in is by going to them, being on the devices they use, making communities that are unified and making an experience that speaks.

I think if you start taking away some of those items, people will say, 'Well, what were your goals?' And that's an area that we don't want that confusion to exist. It doesn't have to be that pretty, because it's more important that the games do.

Microsoft's recent announcement about the launch of their new console has people a little puzzled, especially for the new price tag of the Xbox One X. It is not the first time that Microsoft launches such an expensive console. A lot of gamers were impressed with the console's abilities as it can run games on a native 4k resolution and provide incredible performance, but the price tag is as big as it's capabilities.

For those that haven't heard, the One X is the long rumored "Project Scorpio" and what Microsoft is touting as the world's most powerful console.

The mid-monthly Gold refresh has just occurred, with Watch Dogs now available to download on Xbox One until July 15. Activision has an exclusive deal with Sony which they have to deliver by not providing too high graphics on the new Microsoft console. We might see some loss of traction to the Switch, especially from gamers that aren't ready to upgrade to the Xbox One X just yet but might want to pick up a Nintendo Switch as a second option.