President Calls House Health Care Bill "Mean", Pushes Senate for "Generous" Legislation

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A month after praising the House-approved bill and ensuring it was "incredibly well-crafted", Trump urged the senators to make substantial changes to the same bill, which has been created to replace President Barack Obama's health reform implemented in 2010, but still needs the Senate's approval, according to legislative sources cited by media outlets CNN and The Hill.

Trump has previously praised the bill's passage in the House, in a celebration at the White House.

Trump told a group of 15 senators during a White House lunch that he expects them to improve the bill during their rewrite, The Washington Post reported.

Like their House colleagues, Senate Republicans are attempting to hide the controversial Obamacare replacement bill, even prohibiting reporters from asking questions in hallways. Moderate GOP senators have been pushing to ease those restrictions. "We're going to have to really look very carefully". Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., is reportedly determined to vote soon on an Obamacare repeal-and-replace bill, getting the issue off the agenda ahead of the summer.

"Thune said Trump did not lay out policy specifics of what he'd like to see in the bill, nor did he set a deadline for passing legislation through Congress".

Capitol Hill sources, who asked not to be named, said President Trump described the version of the legislation that passed the House last month as "mean".

As Trump hosted GOP leaders at the White House on Tuesday, the Senate continued working on its version of the bill.

The remarks provided ammunition to Democrats who have unanimously opposed the Republican effort to dismantle President Barack Obama's health care overhaul.

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They then listed all of the rooms available in Senate Office buildings for them to schedule a health care hearing. Mike Lee (R-Utah), who is one of the 13 senators negotiating the details of the bill, in an op-ed in May.

If the party can get 50 senators on board, the Senate could pass a bill extremely rapidly without first needing to get the plan through a committee.

Realizing the difficulty of the reform's approval, the President suggested two weeks ago that the Senate changes its rules in order to pass the health law with a simple majority of 51 votes instead of 60 which are needed under current rules.

According to the latest polling, from Quinnipiac University, 44 percent of people expect health insurance costs will go up under the House Republican bill and 57 percent think fewer people with have insurance coverage.

Trump has told associates that news coverage of the House health care bill was "terrible", in the words of one associate who has spoken with him. "Many of you are here because you pledged to cast this vote".

"Well, I think we're not anxious so much about that as we are getting it together so we can get a majority to vote for it", said Hatch, a grandee who has served in the Senate for 40 years.

"Trump also complained that there are no Democrats who support the GOP health care bill", added Meyers.

Just last weekend, Trump used his golf club in Bedminster, N.J., to hold a fundraising event for MacArthur that netted $800,000. "ObamaCare is dead - the Republicans will do much better!"

After the meeting with senators, Trump flew to Wisconsin, where, for the second week in a row, he highlighted the stories of people whose health care premiums have increased - people the White House has dubbed "Obamacare victims".