New Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer Rains Ice & Fire

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In the new trailer, I believe I see Lannister soldiers shooting arrows, Greyjoy ships approaching King's Landing, Daenerys' Unsullied army tearing through cities, and some classic Jon Snow fighting in the dead of winter.

The trailer then runs a montage of the homecoming of all the players, including Arya Stark, on the tunes of a beautifully haunting organ. Summer may have arrived for us, but for the residents of Westeros, Winter is well and truly here. But while the various families and leaders squabble among each other, Jon Snow (Kit Harington) suggests that the only way to survive might be to put aside bitter differences and fight the common enemy.

But wait, who is he referring to as the real enemy? "Always, in your mind", says Baelish in voiceover, as Sansa treks through a snowy forest in the opening seconds of the clip.

As their inevitable battle approaches, Daenerys is seen taking the throne at what we assume is Dragonstone, the ancestral seat of House Targaryen.

The trailer has a tonne of new footage filled with action. We'll get dragons- dragons everywhere.

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"When the snows fall, and the white winds blow, a lone wolf dies, but the pack survives."
Could this mean another Stark death is coming?

The seventh season of the show, based on George RR Martin's books, will be slightly shorter than previous series but all but one episode will hold a feature-length running time.

The next installment of the acclaimed HBO adaptation of George RR Martin's fantasy series will hit screens in the USA on July 16, before premiering in the United Kingdom on July 17. GoT showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss will be the producers.

Thanks, HBO producers, for giving us something to hold on to until July 16.