New England states join Paris climate goal alliance

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Republican Governor Charlie Baker of MA announced Friday that he will join a climate change initiative launched by several Democratic governors in the wake of President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.

That is, that Trump is judged by different standards than previous US presidents for doing the same things they've done. The now one of only three nations to reject the agreement.

President Donald Trump left the Paris climate accords Thursday, joining Syria and Nicaragua as the only nations outside of the pact meant to curb climate change.

As Trump made his announcement, we saw the world's leaders condemn Trump's move and pledge to take further action to meet the global targets set out in the Paris Accord along with countless states in the U.S. and business leaders from Google to Apple.

Instead, the Paris targets became "nationally determined", which allowed Obama to use his executive powers to adopt the deal on behalf of the United States, upsetting many Republicans who felt the deal should have gone to Congress. As the New York Times reported Thursday, the USA has promised to supply up to $3 billion in aid for developing nations by 2020 to help them meet their emissions-cutting goals.

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The march will come a day before another anti-Trump protest: the March For Truth, one of many marches planned across the country calling for more "accountability and transparency" from elected officials.

The 1997 legally binding climate treaty that made it mandatory for industrialised countries to reduce their carbon emissions by specified amounts while developing countries had no obligations instead addressing developmental needs was their "overwhelming priority". But it remains to be seen whether they stick to their commitments on transparency and other issues that the USA had been pushing for.

The move comes a day after Republican President Donald Trump announced he is withdrawing the United States from the agreement, a pact involving almost 200 nations aimed at slowing the warming of the planet.

European leaders have said the Paris accord can not be renegotiated. The Paris Agreement is a milestone of the ongoing UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, which is committed to ongoing annual meetings to regularly revisit and ratchet up nations' climate goals, making them more ambitious over time.