Microsoft apologizes after a rogue Windows 10 preview build causes chaos

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In the case of the mobile build, some non-Windows Insiders devices may have also received it by mistake. This comes at the expense of stability, though to what extent depends on whether you're subscribed to the Fast ring or Slow ring.

She further continues to mention that the internal development teams immediately responded to the situation and were able to put an end to the deployment of the said internal review build to a wider Windows 10 user base.

If you have downloaded the build and have not installed, you will need to do a reset by going to Settings Systems About and then check your Insider programme settings to ensure you are on the right ring. Although Sakar warns that the accidental build "may include issues that impact usability of your PC-more so than the normal builds we give you", the installation doesn't seem overly risky. Worryingly, the accidental mobile build even reached retail devices outside of Microsoft's Windows Insiders testing. Our analysis shows only a small portion of folks got these builds. For those who want to roll back to the previous release, there is 10-day window to do so.

Second - for any mobile users that received this update on their devices and are now stuck in a boot loop, you will have to use the Windows Device Recovery Tool (WDRT) to restore your device to your OEMs last public release for that hardware.

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"If you received this build (from RS_EDGE_CASE) on your PC: Please be aware that this build was never meant to go out to Windows Insiders and may include issues that impact usability of your PC - more so than the normal builds we give you".

Lastly, if you have downloaded, but not installed the unintentional build on your phone, you should heed the following advice from Dona Sarkar. You may either wait until Microsoft publishes the next build or consider rolling back to previous build.

"The new HP digital assistant featuring Cortana is a standalone personal assistant device that does not need to connect to a Windows 10 PC to provide a complete intelligent speaker experience". If you see a new build ready for your device over the weekend, avoid it. Microsoft teased the release of some new previews in the near future, and then an unfinished build (16212) was accidentally pushed out to both PCs and smartphones (actually, several different builds were apparently released for mobiles). But you'd have to be daft to run an Insider build on a 16GB tablet too, so all is fair and all that.